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8th Grade Washington DC Trip

The planning for the 2018 - 2019 Washington D.C. trip has begun! It is our hope that this experience will significantly add to our students’ appreciation of history, heritage, government and diversity.  The 8th graders will be traveling to To Washington D.C. Tuesday, May 21 - Friday, May 24, 2019.  Trip cost of $565.00 will be made directly to Martin School Travel.  Payments cannot be made until after the first parent meeting in September in order to gain greater understanding of payment schedule and process as well as fundraising opportunities. 

From now until May 21, 2019 you will find announcements and payment schedules for the upcoming D.C. field trip at this site.  I will be posting the date of our first parent information meeting in the near future!!   You must attend this meeting if you intend to send your student to Washington D.C.!!! There are many important details that must be completed before we leave.  For example:  If you do not turn in a permission slip, you are not on the trip!!!  Stay informed and up to date by checking this site weekly.  Scroll down to find all future announcements.  Thanks.

DC Trip Coordinator
Payment Schedule: Payments will be made online at
October 5, 2018:  First $100.00 Deposit due.  Full Payment can be made at this time provided you ARE NOT participating in fundraising opportunities.  
November 1, 2018: Second $100.00 due.  
March 18, 2019:  Final payment of $365.00 due at this time!!
Note:  You may continue to make weekly or monthly payments until the trip is paid off, provided the trip is paid off by the March 18th due date and no payment is less than $100.00.  

Important Updates!!

May 15, 2019
Our departure time is quickly approaching!!  Please plan to arrive at Canal Winchester Middle School at 5:30 AM the morning of Tuesday, May 21st.  Students should report to their assigned motor coach, find their chaperon and receive their luggage tag for their large bag that will go in the luggage compartment.  I have attached a word document with the highlights from the May 2nd parent meeting.  If you have not had a chance to look it over......please do so!!  See you Tuesday morning at 5:30!!  
March 11, 2019
Just a friendly reminder that the final payment for the trip is due on March 18th.  If you need to know your student's final balance feel free to email me.  I will gladly let you know what the remaining balance is.  Please do not overpay!!  I would like to avoid dealing with refund issues if at all possible.  In addition we have started motor coach seating and roommate process.  Ask your student if they have signed up for a motor coach seat buddy yet.  That is the first step in the process.  I will not start creating the room lists until everyone (unless we have an odd number of students) has a seat partner!!   I would also like you to put Thursday, May 2, 2019 on your calendar.   We will have our final parent meeting before our departure date of May  21.  There will be many important topics discussed at this meeting.....topics such as prescription and non-prescription medication, what to pack (and NOT to pack), DRESS CODE, CELL PHONE usage, and SOCIAL MEDIA name a few.  I will also make a final list of students with food allergy concerns to make sure Martin School Travel is updated.  December 14, 2018Parents, The Popcorn from the Double Good fundraiser will be delivered on Wednesday, December 19.  Not sure what time it will arrive just yet........I am guessing in the afternoon.  Look for it to be coming home either that afternoon or Thursday, December 20!!  
November 12, 2018
We kicked off our second fundraiser today in each of our Social Studies classes.  The students were given the option to sell or not:)  Here is the key information needed for the sale.1.  Students earn 50% of everything they sell.2.  Customers should pay as they order.3.  Checks need to be made out to "CWMS"4.  COMPLETED order forms are due back to school on Nov. 26th with ALL money!!!  Bring  Money in an envelope or ziplock.5.  Provided these steps are followed, the orders will be delivered before Christmas Break!! 
November 5, 2018
I have two important announcements for you at this time. 
1st:  Our second fundraiser is set to be kicked off on Monday, November 12th.  We will be selling "Double Good Popcorn" the 12th through the 26th.  This fundraiser is a 50% profit sale, so the students can gain a pretty nice amount toward the cost of their trip with a little effort:)
2nd:  I will be checking the payment list this week and making phone calls to people who have made zero payments toward the cost of their student's trip to D.C.  If there are no plans in the immediate week to make payments, I will be adding students from the waiting list to replace those students.  Thanks!
October 10, 2018
As posted on October 2nd, the trip is full.  A waiting list has been started and there are currently 10 students on the list.  The week after the 2nd payment is due in November, student accounts will be reviewed.  Any student account that has had no payments credited to it will be cause to remove the student from the trip and be replaced with someone from the waiting list.  The student being removed from the trip will be added to the end of the waiting list at that time.  
October 2, 2018
At this point we have 245 students signed up for the trip.  We have officially added a fifth motor coach to the trip, and the trip is full!!  Remember our first payment is due by October 5!!  I have started creating the waiting list.  Students will be added on a first come first serve basis.  A permission slip must be turned in to be placed on the wait list!!  Students will be notified as spots become available.  
September 15, 2018
Just a reminder about the first trip payment.........  You will receive an information sheet starting Monday that will detail all the necessary steps for setting up your student account and payment through the Martin School Travel web site.  Keep in I stated at the parent cannot make payment until you turn in your permission slip which is located on the final page of the information packet shared with you at the meeting and passed out to students whose parents did not attend the meeting the following day of school.  This information sheet will include the code needed to finalize your payment. 
Please understand.....if you acquire the code before turning in your permission slip and make payment, you have done so without permission.  Your student's permission slip is what secures their spot on the trip.....not payment.  So please, follow the steps that I have put in place.   Rules are meant to be followed :).  
Don't forget that we are currently underway with our first fundraiser.  If you haven't seen anything from your student, remind them to pick up a packet from their social studies teacher.  All orders, cash or checks made out to Best Results are due to the school on September 25th!!   
August 20, 2018
If you have an interest in allowing your student to attend the 2019 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C. there will be a parent meeting in the CW Middle School Gymnasium on Tuesday, September 11 from 7 PM to 8 PM.  This meeting is very important, as we will be traveling with a different company this year, and some our procedures (payment for example) will be different. Please make every effort to be present, so that you understand every aspect of what needs to take place before your student can attend the trip. I look forward to seeing you all there! Thanks.

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