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8th Grade Washington DC Trip

The planning for the 2016 - 2017 Washington D.C. trip has begun! It is our hope that this experience will significantly add to our students’ appreciation of history, heritage, government and diversity.  The 8th graders will be traveling to To Washington D.C. Tuesday, March 7 - Friday, March 10, 2017.  Trip cost will be $625.00.  Payments will be mailed directly to Campbell Travel at 123 Hunter Ridge Rd., Butler, PA 16001.  Campbell also accepts credit card payments, however the payment for the trip increases to $640.00 for this option and must be made in one payment.  For PayPal payments email Lori Campbell at this email address:  dlcampbell@zoominternet.net.  More information will be posted throughout the school year. 

Ken Phillips
DC Trip Coordinator

I would like to welcome you to the best source for information concerning the Washington D.C. trip.  From now until March 7, 2017 you will find announcements and payment schedules for the upcoming D.C. field trip at this site.  I will be posting the date of our first parent information meeting soon after the start of the new school year.  I would love for everyone who is interested in attending the trip to have a parent/guardian in attendance.  Stay informed and up to date by checking this site weekly.  Scroll down to find all future announcements.  Thanks.
Mr. Phillips
Payment Schedule:
October 14, 2016: $205.00
November 18, 2016: $210.00
January 16, 2017: $210.00
February 7, 2017
March 7th is a month away.  The year is flying by and we need to meet and discuss travel plans, dress code, medication issues and other questions and concerns you may have for the DC trip!  I have scheduled Tuesday, February 21st for us to meet in the middle school cafeteria.  The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and end around 8:00 PM.  It is absolutely critical that at least 1 parent is present at this meeting!!  
January 4, 2017
We are in the home stretch for final payments.  I have uploaded the current Account Balance Sheets on the Web page.  The 2nd fundraiser from Century Resources is included on this sheet, so all final payments are accurate.  Please mail final payment so that it will arrive to Campbell Travel by the 16th deadline.  Please keep in mind that if you have mailed a payment in the last couple days they will most likely not be included in this record!!  Please check the balance sheet before mailing final payment.  Refunds at this point are not impossible, but we would prefer to not have to do it.  If you do not know your account number do not hesitate to email me.  I can get you a quick answer!!
December 6, 2016
Since the start of basketball season, I have been a bit busy.  It was called to my attention that I had not posted anything on here in a bit other than account balance updates.  So here are some important reminders for you......
1.  Century Resources items will be ready for pick up here at the school this Thursday, December 8th.  Pick up is from 2:30 - 5:30.  Most of you have small enough orders that your students should be able to get them home via the bus. Remember....some items require refrigeration, so plan accordingly.
2.  I have approximately 45 people signed up for the trip who have made zero payments.  In speaking with Lori Campbell she stated that at least $415.00 of the trip needs to be covered by Jan. 1.  She has to begin paying the vendors we will be visiting.  Please get payments caught up ASAP.  If your plans have changed and you do not intend to send your student please notify me, so that I may remove them from the list.
3.  That leads to the next point.  We are currently full.  Based on people who have turned in permission slips to me, we have 200 students signed up to attend the trip.  We will not be able to add any other students at this time unless spots open up.  That being said.....considerations will be made for those who can make payment in full. 
4.  The trip must be paid in full by Jan. 16.  Once the trip is paid for we will start posting information concerning our rooming arrangements, motor coach assignments and our final parent meeting!!
October 18, 2016,
The candles have arrived here at the school.  Your student can pick his/her order from their social studies teacher's room.  Some orders are large enough that it would be difficult to take home on the bus, so you may want to make arrangements to pick your student up in the next couple days to get the candles home:)   
The first trip payment should have been made by this time.  If you have not mailed the payment get it in the mail as soon as possible.  DO NOT send your payment as signature required.  It will get where it needs to without the signature.  Lori does not live close to the post office and your check will sit there for a very long time.  
Your students will be coming home with an account number.  I will be posting trip payments and account balances on-line now through the Jan. 16 final payment deadline. You can find your payment information by using the account number.  No names will be posted on the excel sheet.......just account numbers.  If you have questions please feel free to call or email.  
October 4, 2016
Today your student received a print out of the profit they earned for the candle sale. The first payment of $205 is due on the 14th...ish.  If you subtract your total profits (the far right white column) from 205 you will have the amount you need to mail to Campbell Travel.  I will be sending a check for the profit earned.  If your student earned more than the cost of the first payment, then you have saved yourselves some money on the second payment as well. 
Note:  If you are confused by the profit information strip that I have sent home.....I have attached one in the download section with the headings still attached that may help make sense of it all:) 
September 29, 2016
I have officially emailed our candle order to Glow Scented Candles.  I will be sending home information to you in regards to your profit for the brochure sales......(50% of what you sold from the brochures.)   I will be mailing a check to Campbell Travel in that amount on your behalf.  If you are planning on making payment by check, you may want to wait until I have that information to you.  If you are paying by Paypal.....Please wait to see what you earned and then pay only the remaining balance.  We want to avoid causing Campbell Travel to have to mess around with refund payments.  Be patient:)  It is okay for this first payment to be a little behind.  Its the final payment that we have to be right on time with!!
In regards to people who sold items on line......Your profit monies will not be mailed to me until the on line sales are stopped.  I can let you know what you have earned to this point, so that you can withhold making that portion of your payment.  But I won't send that to Campbell until those sales are finalized, which brings me to my next point.  In speaking with my Glow Candle On line representative, I was able to negotiate an extension to the on line portion of the sale.  The cool thing about this is, people can order on your behalf, but you don't have to collect orders, money or any merchandise.  Everything is handled right on the web and shipped directly to the customer from Glow Scented Candles.  Profits are only 40%, but you can still make a nice chunk of money toward your DC trip:)  Be sure to have your customers first enter our on line ID# (202646), order their choice of candles and at the very end of the transaction they will be prompted to enter your student's name.  They mail the profits to me in your name and I forward it on to Campbell Travel.  
September 20, 2016
Our Glow Candle On line is completed.  I believe I have all of the order forms, but just in case I will not be able to send in the completed order until this Friday.  Please feel free to send in any orders that may not have made it to me yet.  The kids set an all time record this year!! 
Also something cool to remember.....The on line sales continue for a month or so yet.  Just remember our On line ID #:  202646 and your friends and family can continue to earn your student money:)  On line sales give a 40% profit.
One final reminder that Washington D.C. Field Trip Permission forms are due to me by Monday, October 3, 2016.  There is plenty of room remaining!! 
September 9,2016
We are currently at the half way point of our Glow Scented Candle sale.  This is just a reminder that all order forms and payments are to turned in to me at the middle school on Friday, September 16.  I must pay for the candle orders before they can be shipped, so please meet the 16th deadline.   The delivery date will be about 2 weeks after I turn in the master order sheet and payment to Glow.  I will give you a more specific date once the order is finalized.  You may want to pick your student and order up from school the date that they arrive.  If you need additional order forms don't hesitate to ask, I have several left in my classroom.  Just have your student stop by my room #127!!
Here are couple key items to remember:
*please make certain that order forms are totaled and filled out completely
*double check to make certain that your name is on the order form:)
*Money must be delivered with the order form!!
Mr. Phillips 
September 2, 2016
Today marks the beginning of our Glow Scented Candle on line.  Each who chose to receive one was given an order brochure and a bright orange sheet explaining all specific information in regard to the on line.  They have until Friday, September 16, 2016 to complete their sales.  All orders and monies are to be delivered to me at CWMS in the morning of the 16th.  Students will receive 50% profit for all items sold through the brochures.  They will receive 40% profit for all online sales.  Best of luck with your sales.   
Mr. Phillips 
August 16, 2016
Our first Washington D.C. meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 30 in the Canal Winchester Middle School cafeteria.  The meeting will start at 7:00 P.M. and last for approximately one hour.  Information Packets concerning all details of the trip including payment requirements and deadlines will be passed out at the meeting.  This will be a great time for questions that you may have, that will help you determine whether or not you would like your student to attend this year's trip.  Hope to see you there.  Thanks!
Mr. Phillips 


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