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UPDATED Message July 30, 2020

Dear Canal Winchester Families,
Franklin County Public Health, has released new COVID-19 guidance regarding the opening of K-12 schools. They are recommending that before students are physically in school buildings we should see a downward trend of COVID-19 cases, which is currently not happening. Before we make a decision in regards to this guidance we are asking questions and requesting additional information from other sources. We understand it is important for us to make a decision promptly so families may plan, but we want to ensure we have all the details as we are still five weeks away from the beginning school.  

When we have information we will share it with you.  Until then, please help us by completing your OneView Forms. Please login to OneView (click here) and complete ALL of the 2020-21 Back-to-School Forms for all of your students. When you are in the STUDENT INFORMATION FORM the last two questions are about COVID and the learning format you would like, CWOLA Online OR School-based.  For details about these plans please READ carefully through the Back-to-School Plan click here for our Back-to-School Plan

We have extended the due date to complete these forms to this Sunday, August 2nd. (Athletes must have forms completed before the date tryouts begin.)
If you need assistance in these forms please contact by email Brigid Krueger and be sure to include your name and students names.

2020-21 School Year

The Canal Winchester Local School District values safety and is committed to providing a safe back-to-school environment for students and staff. We know some families are eager for students to be back in the classroom, while some are looking for an alternative to in-person instruction during the COVID pandemic. CWLS strives to Empower All Students for Success and has developed plans and protocols to ensure success during this unprecedented time. Please take time to review the information included in this document to make the best decision for your individual student(s). 

CLICK HERE for the Complete  2020-21 BACK TO SCHOOL PLANS & OPTIONS  (revised 7/23/2020)

Below is the same information but can be used with Google Translate


  • Provide maximized in-person instruction as local health risk levels permit
  • Will continue to review guidance from and follow requirements of the local health department, ODH, ODE & OHSAA to ensure student, staff, and community safety. CWLS Learning Levels (in-person, remote, or a combination) will correspond to the Franklin County Risk Level for that day or week. Individual classrooms, individual buildings or the entire district may be directed to implement remote learning for a time period by Franklin County Public Health.


  • Fully-online option for students who are seeking an alternative to in-person instruction
  • Semester commitment required for participation due to curriculum, staffing, and pace      


 Format: Maximized in-person instruction
Students will attend school in the building with 3 various learning levels that will adjust as-needed to meet current public health safety guidelines & county risk levels throughout the school year including:
1. All In Learning (Franklin County Risk Level 1 & 2 @ school ONLY )
  • All students, 5-day in-person with increased safety precautions (Preschool - typical 4-day schedule – No Peer Models this year)

2. Hybrid Learning  (Franklin County Risk Level 3 @ school and @ home)
  • 2-day in-person / 3-day online virtual learning for Gr. 1-12
  • Gr. 1-12 Students will be divided into 2 groups (A or B schedule) by last name to reduce the number of students on in- person days. Will apply to entire district.  A (Mon-Tue)  Last names A-K  B (Thu-Fri) Last names L-Z   *Households with multiple last names will default to the oldest student's last name.  Students receiving additional services may be assigned to either group to accommodate services.

• Preschool, Kindergarten & Self-Contained Special Education Classes will remain on their traditional weekly in-person schedule 

3. Remote Learning (Franklin County Risk Level 4 @ home ONLY)
 • All students transition to 5-day online virtual learning facilitated through current teachers. May apply to single class, building or district. 


 Format: 100% online learnin
Students will participate in remote learning through District-purchased curriculum specifically designed for online learning. Please note this is a one semester commitment; students will still be enrolled in the district & have access to school counselors and extracurricular activities. 
 1. Grades K-5
 -K-5 Canal Winchester Online Digital Academy (CWOLA) students will be assigned courses to complete through a self-paced online learning platform, in addition to scheduled small group instruction & meetings with assigned CWOLA teacher. 
 -Weekly music, art & PE activities
 -Gifted, Special Education & ELL services supported with CWOLA.
  2. Grades 6-8, 9-12
-Middle School & HS CWOLA students will use Edmentum Courseware for self-paced modules.  
-Subject-specific CWOLA teachers will provide support & monitor progress.
-Gifted, Special Education & ELL services supported with CWOLA.
-Limited Accelerated/AP classes available       

County to District Risk Level Protocols


SCHOOL-BASED TRACK All In & Hybrid Learning Levels
     • Parents assess student health before school each day 
            Stay home if student shows any of these symptoms:
            -Temperature of 100 degrees or higher
            -Shortness of breath, breathing problems, loss of taste or smell, cough, chills, headache, sore throat, or muscle pain/aches. 
    • If symptoms appear at school:
            -Student will be isolated in quarantine room with a mask
            -Parent or Emergency Contact must pick up as soon as possible
            -Communication to Franklin County Public Health

 •    Face mask/shield expectations for students & staff will be based on County to District Risk Level Protocols .
•     Increased cleaning routines throughout the building
•     Hand sanitizing stations in each classroom/hallway
•     Practice social distancing
•     No visitors or volunteers
•    No shared school supplies; individual supplies only
•    Desks arranged to maximize space between students
•    No school lockers or classroom cubbies
•    Students may carry backpacks/bags during the day
•   Schedules to minimize or eliminate room transitions
•   One-way hallways when possible
•   Recess: playgrounds cleaned daily; handwashing after recess

      •Special Education students who are in a self-contained classroom with one teacher for the full day will report 5 days per week; Special                 Needs Preschoolers – 4 days (No Peer Models this year) 
      •All other Special Education student IEPs and all ELL cases will be reviewed to determine appropriate services for success. 
      •We will communicate interventions with each family prior to the first day of school
      •Gr. 3-8 Gifted instruction/HS AP will continue to be provided
      •Grab & Go Breakfast served – students eat in classroom
      •Lunches Served – expanded dining spaces may utilized to allow distancing (cafeteria, gymnasiums, etc.)
      •Two students per seat; assigned seats
      •Face masks required on buses
      •One-way loading/unloading of the bus
      •No field trips
      •No large group events
      •Extracurriculars will follow OHSAA guidelines


Access to school grounds will be determined by Superintendent/Designee and/or state or local mandates.


In the event complete Virtual Learning occurs, the District will reinstate the multiple-location meal delivery system


The District will be providing 1:1 Chromebooks for all  K-12 students


Extracurriculars will follow OHSAA guidelines


Canal Winchester Local Schools will be offering a completely online option for the 2020-2021 school year for those families looking for an alternative to the classroom environment during the COVID pandemic. This option will be known as CW Online Learning Academy. Families who choose this option will be asked to commit for a semester  at a time (half year) in order to create balanced class sections throughout the rest of the district. Students enrolled in the academy will still be Canal Winchester students and have support from their school building including access to school counselors. Students will also be able to participate in extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports. Students who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch will receive weekly meal deliveries if desired (must complete application).


Format: 100% online learning with CW curriculum

Uses same curriculum as WTES & ITES (Wonders ELA, Investigations Math, etc.), but modified to create online high-quality learning experiences
Seamless transition back to classroom should families select the School-Based track for the second half of the year
Google Classroom platform – lesson plan templates to keep consistency among grade-level peers in CWOLA and those in the classroom
Asynchronous (flexible schedule) for weekly 5-day, self-paced instructional videos created by CW teachers & supporting activities/content. Can be completed at convenience of families throughout the week.
Weekly, live small group instruction/class discussions (teachers will schedule)
English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science
Related Arts (music, art, PE) weekly activities

              •Gifted, Special Education & ELL services supported with CWOLA


Format: 100% online learning

• Should families select to return to the School-Based track for the second half of the year, transition procedures will vary by course. CWMS/CWHS will work with students to make arrangements. 

Uses Edmentum Courseware for flexible access to instruction and application as they complete each module at their own pace 

• CW Teacher assigned to monitor coursework progress/attendance and answer general questions. Subject-specific support teachers will be accessibl

• Special Education & ELL services supported with CWOLA from a CW Intervention Specialist or classroom teacher 

• Limited Accelerated & AP courses available through Edmentum. (No MS or HS gifted or pathway classes available) 

• CWOLA students registered for CCP at CWHS will instead do online through our partnership with Columbus State. Complete CSCC registration form for the online CSCC course they wish to take and scan it to HS Counselor Deidra Muse ( for signature no later than August 14. 

Edmentum grade percentages will be converted to CWLS grading scale (A-F) 


      -Review all of the information provided in this document
      -Login to your OneView account and fill out ALL Back-to-School 2020-21 forms CLICK HERE:       -
      -In the OneView forms you will request your 2020-2021 Learning Track for each student in your household:
                  CW Online Learning Academy
      -ALL forms should be completed by July 31st to reserve your child’s place in the classroom or in the CW Online Learning                         Academy. You must indicate your child’s (Learning Track) before any teacher assignment, course schedules, or bus schedules             can be determined for your child. 

If you need assistance with your OneView account please email 

Checklist for COVID19 Situations

You have a person that tells you they have received a positive test for COVID-19
  1. Administrator asks the COVID-19 positive person whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic.
    1. Symptomatic - you will need to contact trace 48 hours from when they first started to exhibit symptomsA “contact” means person(s) who were located less than 6’ from a COVID-19 person for at least 15 minutes)
    2. Asymptomatic - contact tracing is done 48 hours from the date and time the test was administered.
  2. Call your direct supervisor and let them know you have a student or employee who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  3. Call the Franklin County Board of Health (FCBoH) at 614-525-3160 and make sure they are aware of this person’s positive test.  FCBoH will do contract tracing of this person.
  4. To assist FCBoH, have the following information:
    1. Activities the COVID positive person has been involved in (sports, classes, etc.)
    2. All individuals that were seated within 6 feet of this person for at least 15 minutes during the previous 48 hours (dates dependent upon the person being symptomatic or asymptomatic).  This is why seating charts are important.
  5. Communication of this to others
    1. If the COVID-19 positive person is a student, an email will be sent by the school nurse and/or the principal to the parents of other students in that child’s class(es), team and any other group the child may have been in contact with.
    2. For employees who test positive, staff will be notified by a building administrator. Parents of students this staff member was in general contact with will also be contacted. An email will also be sent out to the entire school community letting them know there was a teacher who has tested positive.
    3. In the email the administrator/clinic staff member will let all know whether the person was symptomatic or asymptomatic.  
    4. For teams and extracurricular groups, have the coach or teacher notify that group there has been a COVID-19 positive test, and whether the person was symptomatic or asymptomatic.
  6. Other communication may come via an administrator and/or the school nurse in a manner similar to what we do for other contagions. 
  7. The building administrator will order the room(s) or area closed off and communicate with the custodial staff to have these area(s) thoroughly sanitized.

When can a COVID-19 individual return to school or work?

  1. A person who is symptomatic can return once all of the following have occurred:

=       They are free of fever (without the use of medication) for at least 24 hours

=       Symptoms have improved

=       At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared


  1. If testing is readily available, an asymptomatic individual with a positive COVID-19 test may return to school after all of the following has occurred:

=       They continue to have no symptoms

=       10 days have passed since positive test

For those exposed to a COVID-19 individual (less than 6’ for at least 15 minutes)

1.       Remove that person from school immediately. Employee, they go home.  Student, they will be immediately placed in the COVID room and they must take themselves home or a parent/guardian will be called to pick the child up.

2.       Encourage this person or the parent/guardian to get a COVID-19 test.

3.       Individual must stay home until 14 days after last exposure

4.       Individual should self-monitor for symptoms: 

=      Check temperature twice a day

=      Watch for fever over 100°F, cough, or shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19

=      If no symptoms after 14 days, individual may return to school

5.       Students who must stay home for a 14-day quarantine will transition to remote learning until they can return to school.

If a person says they feel ill, and has had no contact with a COVID-19 person

1.       If they have gone to get a COVID-19 test, keep the person out of school or work until test results come back.

2.       If the test is positive, follow the steps outlined in #4 of a positive COVID-19 test.

3.       If they do not get a test or their test comes back negative, they can return to school or work once they are symptom-free.

If there is a student or employee you suspect of having COVID-19

  1. They must immediately be separated from others and sent home.
  2. Staff and students who have been exposed (again, less than 6 feet for 15 minutes) must immediately be relieved of duties and sent home.
  3. For students who must wait for a parent or others to pick them up
    1. The student must be given a face covering if they do not have one and
    1. Placed in a room or area separate from the clinic or other areas students are likely to visit
    2. The area should be supervised by school personnel who maintain social distance and wear personal protective equipment (PPE)
    3. Parents will be called to pick the child up and will be encouraged to get the child a COVID-19 test to confirm the child’s status
    4. If symptoms intensify before parent or guardian can transport the child, the district may arrange for emergency medical transport
  1. If an employee or student get a COVID-19 test that comes back negative and are symptom free, they can return to work/school immediately.
  2. If such a person does not get a test, they can return once they are symptom free for 24 hours.

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Provide documented proof of immunization from doctor, submit to HS clinic
NO High School busing for streets listed in RED

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HS Parking Permit Online Form
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