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The Canal Winchester School District, in an effort to improve communications between families and school, is implementing a Parent Notification System. This program allows the immediate notification to all households and parents, by telephone, of any critical or unplanned event that will cause school cancellation, delay or an early dismissal. The school will continue to use radio and television to broadcast school closings and delays due to weather. The system will also be used for general announcement calls, for example a reminder of parent/teacher conferences or other important school information.  

When used, the service will dial the numbers you have filled out on the white student information form. It will call the Primary Contact’s home phone number (Phone #1) as well as the Primary Contact’s cell phone number (Phone #2). Please see your student information sheet included in this mailing for these numbers. The student registration forms are sent home at the beginning of the school year with your student. If you change the numbers on this form, they will be updated in this system as the forms are returned to school.

Emergency calls will be made to both numbers listed (Phone #1 & #2). General calls will be made to only the Primary Contact’s home phone number (Phone #1).

The Parent Notification System will deliver a recorded message from a school administrator. The service will deliver the message to both live answer and answering machines. No answers (phones ringing over 40 sec.) and busies will be automatically retried twice in fifteen minute intervals after the initial call.

All information and contact numbers are strictly secure and confidential and are only used for the purposes described herein.

Here is some specific information you should know:

Caller ID:  The Caller ID will display 614-837-4533, our district’s main number for a major school cancellation. The Caller ID will show the specific school building phone number when making a specific school only message or for attendance calls.

Live Answers: There is a short pause at the beginning of the message, usually a few seconds. Answer your phone as you normally would; “hello” and hold for the message to begin. Multiple “hellos” will delay the message. Inform all family members who may answer your phone of this process.

Answering Machines: The system will detect that your machine has answered and will play the recording to your machine. The phone will ring for up to 40 seconds. Make sure that your machine answers after four rings or you may miss the message.

Message Repeat: At the end of the message you will be prompted to ‘press any key’ to hear the message again. This is very helpful when a child answers the phone and hands it to a parent, who can then ‘repeat’ the message in its entirety.   

Attendance:  Our school will be using this system for daily attendance; you will be notified each day that your child misses a required number of classes. To minimize these calls, make sure to inform the school when you KNOW your child will miss classes on a given day. Please visit the Canal Winchester Schools web site for the proper attendance reporting procedures.

This notice is in compliance with House Bill 1 under Jarod’s Law and School Safety. House Bill1 requires school districts, community schools, STEM schools, and chartered nonpublic schools to inform, prior to opening day each school year, each enrolled student and the student’s parent of the parental notification procedures in the school’s protocol for responding to threats and emergency events, which are established under existing law.

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