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The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve District goals for students by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and supervision to the non-teaching staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both in the school and outside the District.

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Board. The Superintendent reports directly to the Board, has all powers and duties imposed upon the office by statute, and has all executive and administrative powers and duties in connection with the overall operation of the school which are not required by statute to be exercised directly by the Board or some other officer. The Superintendent exercises leadership through school administrators who comprise the Leadership Team.

A Message from the Superintendent

I want to take this opportunity to reemphasize the District’s mission and our focus for the school year.

Our mission of Empowering All Students For Success serves as our compass and roadmap for all district strategies and best practices.  We empower students everyday with skills, knowledge, understanding, confidence, leadership, and belief in self to help prepare them for their future. By doing this we equip all our students with the best resources to achieve success.

Our focus for the remainder of the school year:

  1. Continue to develop positive relations with our students with a focus on having a positive attitude. A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances, instead of your circumstances having power over you.  
  2. Continue with Instructional Rounds with a focus on Learning Targets and effective use of high-yield instructional practices. See attached letter for more information about Learning Targets.
  3. Renovation and addition project at the high school.
  4. STEM – Strategies That Engage Minds:
  • Engages students to be problem solvers/critical thinkers, strong communicators, and collaborators in every classroom and not just in the STEM areas;
  • Moves from typical teacher-centered classroom to a more student-centered, hands-on approach;
  • Prepares all students to tackle the challenges of the 21st century workforce; and
  • Over the next 3 years, the District will work towards a STEM designation at Winchester Trail Elementary and the high school. 

We will continue to focus on the STEM philosophy by embedding Project Based Learning (PBL) into our daily lessons. PBL makes meaningful connections between school, community, work, and world issues. The jobs and skills needed for today are much different from when most of us were in school, so we must change the look and feel of school to match what they need to be successful in their future.  We can make a huge impact on our students by delivering a 21st century education to them. This change is not easy, but it is what is best for our students.   


 Jim Sotlar, Superintendent 

Superintendent James Sotlar
James Sotlar
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