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The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve District goals for students by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and supervision to the non-teaching staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both in the school and outside the District.

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Board. The Superintendent reports directly to the Board, has all powers and duties imposed upon the office by statute, and has all executive and administrative powers and duties in connection with the overall operation of the school which are not required by statute to be exercised directly by the Board or some other officer. The Superintendent exercises leadership through school administrators who comprise the Leadership Team.

A Message from the Superintendent

Canal Winchester Local School District

January 5, 2017 

Happy New Year! The second semester of school has started and before you know it, the warm weather will be here, and we will be celebrating the end of another great school year! For now, let’s take it day by day and enjoy every moment. Our focus for the remainder of the school year is outlined below.

Our Mission: Empowering All Students For Success

We empower students every day with skills, knowledge, understanding, confidence, leadership, mentorship and belief in self. By doing this, we equip all of our students with the best resources to achieve success. Our mission statement will serve as our compass and roadmap for all district strategies and best practices.

1. GRIT, Growth Mindset, and Relationships:

Developing positive relationship with students, encouraging them to go beyond their comfort level and not be afraid to make mistakes, and letting them know they can achieve their goals if they have the passion and perseverance to do so are important in developing our students for their future. These are things a test cannot measure and matter much more than a report card grade. We will stay focused on incorporating PBL in our daily lessons and working on the 4 C’s. These skills will better prepare our students for college, career, and life.

2. 1:1 Chromebook:

Beginning January 2017, the District will kick off its 1:1 Chromebook initiative. All 8th and 9th grade students will receive a Chromebook to use for educational purposes. This is a pilot program and full implementation for grades 6-12 will start in the 2017-18 school year. We believe the most effective student learning occurs when instructional and technological resources are integrated, and students have access to learning 24/7.

3. STEM Designation at CWMS

Currently, the middle school is in the process of applying for STEM Designation. The purpose of the designation is to better prepare students for the future workforce that has a significant concentration on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Data is showing that more than 9 million jobs will be added in STEM related fields over the next 10 years, and it is our duty to help prepare students for those jobs. We know that not all students will enter the STEM field, but it’s our responsibility to expose them to the STEM areas at an early age so they can make a more informed decision on their career path.

4. High school renovation and addition planning:

As part of the Master Plan developed by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and Canal Winchester Local Schools, we will start the process of expanding and renovating the high school. This project will give us much needed space at the high school and add on flexible space that meets the needs of our STEM (Strategies That Engage Minds) program. Pending approval from the OFCC, the planning stages will start in early to late spring.

5. Future growth and development:

With steady housing growth over the next 5 years, the District will see enrollment numbers continue to grow and space in our buildings continue to shrink. The District will develop a future growth task force committee to discuss the future building needs of the District. This work will update the District’s Master Facility Plan, which was last updated in 2008. This work will begin in spring of 2017.

As always, thank you for all your support, and I am looking forward to a great 2017!

Jim Sotlar, Superintendent
Superintendent James Sotlar
James Sotlar
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