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Dear Parents and Community Members:

It seems as if I had just managed to stop humming Pomp and Circumstance from graduation and now I find myself caught up in the excitement of a new school year.  After twenty-six years in the field, I still find myself with the same feeling of hopeful anticipation that every new school year brings.  And what a wonderful feeling it is.  The anticipation of a clean start to the year fills the air as the students enter on the first day.  That is why I find this field so rewarding.  There is always an air of hope.

The next several years promise to be special.  With the addition of over 43,000 square feet, and endless renovations to our building, many opportunities are awaiting our students in the years to come.  Our students always step up when faced with new challenges.  This year will be no different.   Our families have always backed our schools and support their children.  This is what makes an excellent school.

Another thing that makes our school excellent are our extracurricular programs.  Our various programs are showing promise again this year.  It is that winning spirit that makes attending games and contests so exciting.  Your participation in these events sends a strong message to our staff and students.  I cannot even begin to express what this means to our students.  It speaks volumes to them when they see their parents, teachers, and neighbors attending these events.  They strive to make you proud of them when they know you are watching them.  They strive for excellence that leads to a win.  This is another reason we are the school we are.  Your support is priceless.

This year shows promise in the exciting challenges that face us.  Students will be taking the same EOC tests they have been taking for the last couple of years.  I do not see this as a negative.  I see it as a way that we can come together as a community.  We have never backed down from a challenge.  We must now team together and work to keep our school atmosphere positive.  As I frequently hear our staff tell our students, the level of effort put into a goal will be seen at completion of the goal.  We have put a great deal of effort into creating the positive culture we have now.  A great deal of potential lies within our schools and our community.  It takes everyone to extract this.  Share in the excitement of seeing new goals materialize into realities by joining us in our efforts.  Again, your support sends a powerful message to the students and the staff.  It is motivational.  I know this for sure because I see that motivation in the hallways, in the classrooms, on the playing fields, and any place where students come together and show what excellence truly is.

I am excited about this year.  There are endless possibilities for success and I look forward to sharing in the excitement that these successes bring to all involved.  I hope that your will be part of this as well. 


Kirk A. Henderson

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Kirk Henderson
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