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Community discussion session on any questions you may have about the upcoming renewal levy. 
At the high school 6:30PM on the following dates: Wed March 13, Thu April 4 and Tue April 23 

The Canal Winchester School District believes we must prepare every student for their future. The Substitute Emergency Renewal Levy on the ballot May 7th, 2019 allows us to provide programs, teachers and resources needed to accomplish this very important responsibility.

Reasons why to renew the substitute emergency levy:

  1. Renewal of existing tax levy, will not increase school tax rate
  2. No NEW taxes since 2009 (10 years) with the passing of this renewal (15 years)
  3. The renewal keeps the 12.5% state tax rollback in place.  Which means the state will continue to pick up 12.5% of your school tax (like a coupon). If the renewal fails and a NEW levy is placed on the ballot the 12.5% rollback or discount you are getting is no longer available. So you would pay the full amount of school tax instead of reducing your school tax by 12.5%.


  • Promotes proactive planning
  • Establishes long-term capital project funds. (General maintenance, i.e. roofs, HVAC)
  • Prolongs need to ask for new tax dollars.
  • Makes up 13.5% of the operating budget
  • Schools directly impact home values
  • Investment in our future leaders

This levy will not increase your school tax rate. It’s simply a substitute emergency renewal of an existing levy. But what does that mean?

  • Substitute - Allows the district to receive additional income from new development, residential and commercial.
  • Emergency - Official ballot language meaning the levy is for a FIXED dollar amount, no more no less, and FIXED amount of time ($6.2 million per year for 5 years) Again emergency is a formal and legal term for a fixed dollar amount levy. It does not mean there is a financial crisis.
  • Renewal - Simply a renewal of the current existing levy and it will not increase your tax rate.


=        It’s your right to vote

=        EVERY vote counts

=        Last 10 district operational levies have an average for and against of 50% (It’s a coin flip)

Ballot Language   *Does not include word renewal only EXISTING

Proposed Tax Levy (Substitute)

Canal Winchester Local School District

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall a tax levy substituting for an existing levy be imposed by the Canal Winchester Local School District, Franklin and Fairfield Counties, Ohio for the purpose of providing for the necessary requirements of the school district in the initial sum of $6,230,000, and a levy of taxes be made outside of the ten-mill limitation estimated by the county auditor to require twelve and fifty-nine hundredths (12.59) mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 125.9 cents ($1.259) for each one hundred dollars of valuation for the initial year of the tax, for a period of five years, commencing in 2019, first due in calendar year 2020, with the sum of such tax to increase only if and as new land or real property improvements not previously taxed by the school district are added to its tax list? 



Attachments Available To Download:
May 2019 Talking Points PDF
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